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Kampwater was founded in 2007 by Hans & Denise Van Kamp. Kampwater has gone through various growth stages but managed to consistently grow from strength to strength over the last 15 years. Kampwater has had a dedicated core team of individuals that has assisted in the maturity of this organization over the years.


Kampwater is a market leader in Water Sustainability Engineering which includes, Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Project Management & Maintenance of robust, scalable water purification systems. From large-scale industrial to small-scale residential, our water solutions meet the highest standards of performance and reliability for customers who will settle for nothing less.  With our expert knowledge of water quality guidelines and water chemistry, our expert team of engineers design reliable water treatment solutions based on the class requested and the intended water usage.


Kampwater focuses on one thing and one thing only. To provide clean water you can trust.  This requires us to follow a process from start to finish. At Kampwater our offering stretches from consulting and design to research and development to engineering and construction, plant modernisation to operational management that includes maintenance and after-market support with chemicals, consumables and spares.


Kampwater utilizes leading global technologies to support us in research and development to produce the highest quality filtration systems to our clients.  We aim to support our clients by providing not just the best equipment available but also the most cost effective systems available that is the perfect balance between good quality equipment and medium to low operational cost to the company.


Kampwater believes that water is the most important natural resource known to man and delivering good clean water you can trust is a responsibility and calling we take seriously.

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South Africa

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Contact Number: +27 21 883 8093

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