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We know a reliable supply of good quality water is vital to all farming and agricultural businesses for irrigation & livestock and in order to maximize productivity. Water scarcity and climate change, resulting in extreme drought and flooding, threaten to disrupt water supply and productivity. Water quality is essential for a sustainable crop yields..


Agriculture uses 70% of the earth’s fresh water, 3 times more than 50 years ago.


Approximately 40% of the world’s food relies on artificial irrigation. This is expected to increase by 19% by 2050.

40%  Discharged Water

in developing countries, more than 80% of domestic wastewater is discharged untreated, polluting rivers,lakes and coastal areas.

26 Billion Litre Annually

South Africa already has 7 million people without access to water requiring an additional 26 billion litres annually


Globally,Industry draws up to 40% of all water available and is one of the biggest contributors of industrial wastewater.

8% Total water usage

In South Africa industrial water use accounts for approximately 8% of total usage,and is increasing exponentially.

5x Population Increase

Rapidly industrializing countries’ current populations could increases 5 times over the next 10 to 20 years, driving water scarcity to new lows.

10,000 Billion Litres

South Africa exports oil products, minerals and metals,all of which require enormous amounts of water.

1000 Operational Mines

South Africa has at least 1000 operational mines, which collectively use the same amount of water as the country’s entire population of 53 million.

170 Billion Litres

211 tonnes of platinum were exported in 2012, that’s equivalent to 170 billion litres of water-the amount needed to mine and process the metal

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