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Winelands UVT was started by Hans and Denise van Kamp, Winelands UVT was the sole distributor of Hanovia and Berson UV Lamps, Systems & Spares throughout South Africa. Winelands UVT spent years working closely with Hanovia and Berson on various small to large scale projects throughout South Africa. Winelands UVT supplied many Municipalities throughout the country of Systems, Support and Spares over the years.

As part of the family business restructuring, Kampwater brand was established by Hans and Denise van Kamp. The purpose was to reconcile all the water businesses & technologies into one group that would become the driving force to expand the offering, expertise and client services.

Winelands UVT was incorporated into the Group Holdings company and has become a division within Kampwater. Companies that used to deal with Winelands UV Technology can still talk to the same specialists that serviced them. For product, service or technical enquires please contact us at

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