Treatment Process:


Project Overview

Kampwater demonstrated our engineering prowess by custom designing and manufacturing a specialized reverse osmosis system for Blue Willow, a company specializing in powder coating. Powder coating is a process where a dry powder is applied to a surface and then heated to form a protective, durable finish. Ultra-pure water is crucial in this application to ensure the powder adheres uniformly and flawlessly to the surface. Any impurities or contaminants in the water could compromise the quality of the coating, leading to defects or imperfections. Kampwater’s reverse osmosis system plays a vital role in providing Blue Willow with the exceptionally pure water required for the precision and quality demanded in the powder coating process.

Moreover, Kampwater extended its expertise to the refurbishment of an existing activated filter media filtration system that treats borehole water. The system also incorporates municipal water that undergoes GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filtration in order to remove chlorine and impurities in the water.

Project Solution

The incoming water has a TDS of >600ppm. Post treatment the TDS is 3ppm with 60% recovery.

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