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Treatment Process:Borehole water treatment implementing Sediment removal, Reverse Osmosis, UV Sterilization and Online Monitoring

Industry:Bottling & Beverages

Project Overview

Kampwater has achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of a water treatment project tailored for Premier Beverages in Eswatini. The key aspect of this project revolves around extracting water from a borehole. The borehole water as well as municipal water is then subjected to a meticulous purification process, ensuring that both borehole water and municipal water can be effectively treated using Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Project Solution

At the heart of this achievement is a custom-designed and manufactured Reverse Osmosis system. This advanced technology plays a crucial role in purifying the water by selectively allowing molecules to pass through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively removing impurities. The versatility of this RO system allows Kampwater to address the unique characteristics of both borehole and municipal water sources, providing Premier Beverages with a reliable and tailored water treatment solution.

In essence, Kampwater’s success in implementing this project not only highlights our expertise in water treatment but also showcases our ability to design and manufacture specialized systems. By combining borehole water abstraction and municipal water with a cutting-edge RO system, Premier Beverages in Eswatini now benefits from a comprehensive and adaptable solution for ensuring the purity of their water supply.

The recovery of the system is 80%

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