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Treatment Process:Metal Removal, Reverse Osmosis, UV Sterilization

Industry:Bottling & Beverages

Project Overview

Kampwater supplied a 15 000lt per hour reverse osmosis (RO) plant with prefiltration and a booster set for a juice bottling plant.

Project Solution

The integration of a 15 cube per hour RO plant, complete with prefiltration and a booster set, serves as a fundamental component within their juice bottling plant infrastructure. This sophisticated system operates as a pivotal mechanism in ensuring the production of premium-grade, contaminant-free juice products.

With its robust prefiltration mechanism, the RO plant effectively removes impurities, sediments, and unwanted particles from the water source, guaranteeing a clean and purified water supply essential for the juice production process. The prefiltration process acts as an initial line of defense, safeguarding the integrity and quality of the final juice product.

Furthermore, the RO plant’s advanced reverse osmosis technology plays a central role in the removal of dissolved solids, organic compounds, and potential contaminants from the water, resulting in a superior level of purity and taste consistency in the bottled juice. Its efficient 15 cube per hour capacity enables a continuous and reliable flow of purified water, ensuring uninterrupted production without compromising on the product’s quality standards.

In tandem with the prefiltration and RO system, the booster set contributes to maintaining optimal water pressure throughout the bottling process, facilitating smooth and efficient operations within the juice production line. By enhancing water pressure, the booster set aids in minimizing production delays and bottlenecks, thereby maximizing overall productivity and throughput.

In summary, the incorporation of this advanced RO plant, equipped with prefiltration and a booster set, is instrumental in upholding our commitment to delivering premium-quality, contaminant-free juice products, while simultaneously ensuring a streamlined and uninterrupted production process.”

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