Treatment Process:


Project Overview

Kampwater supplied a 9000lt per hour Reverse Osmosis RO plant with prefiltration for the use of laundry water in hospital facilities.

Project Solution

The RO plant, equipped with prefiltration, serves as a vital component in the sustainable management of laundry water for hospital facilities. With its robust design and efficient filtration system, the RO plant ensures the effective treatment and purification of water, making it suitable for reuse in the hospital’s laundry operations.

By incorporating prefiltration mechanisms, the RO plant can effectively remove impurities and contaminants from the water, guaranteeing a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. This feature not only optimizes the quality of the recycled water but also minimizes the risk of any potential cross-contamination, adhering to the stringent sanitation standards crucial in a hospital environment.

The seamless integration of the RO plant into the Laundry‚Äôs infrastructure streamlines the water management process, promoting sustainable practices and cost-efficiency. Its consistent delivery of 9 cubes per hour ensures a steady and reliable supply of treated water, catering to the demanding requirements of the hospital’s laundry services.

Ultimately, the application of the 9 cube per hour RO plant with prefiltration signifies a pioneering approach to water conservation in hospital facilities, showcasing the institution’s commitment to both environmental sustainability and maintaining superior standards of hygiene and cleanliness.”

Kampwater achieves a recovery in access of 75%.

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