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Here’s What We Provide

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KAMPWATER provides a comprehensive EPCM Turnkey Solution for our clients across diverse industries, delivering capital efficiency and project certainty.  In this type of contract, kampwater is responsible for all engineering services, procurement and production of all necessary construction materials and parts, as well as the construction and commissioning.

Working with Financial Documents


KAMPWATER can assist with clients’ capital expenditure programmes to optimize their funding structures:

  • Assessment of financial viability of project

  • Financial modeling & ROI

  • Project finance capabilities involving the interaction with all relevant stakeholders (investors, bankers, owners engineers, lawyers, etc.) towards project financial closure

Kampwater is a market leader in water sustainability engineering. Their expert team of engineers designs reliable water treatment solutions, using state of the art technologies, that deliver a water
supply you can trust.  HydroFIN and its partners can offer you a fully-financed, expertly engineered solution for full peace-of-mind.

Heater Check


KAMPAssist is the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) department of KAMPWATER. MRO options include full-time and part-time on-site plant operators; remote supervision; scheduled site visits; plant audits; sampling and analysis and operator training services to ensure that our clients’ water and sewage treatment plants function optimally and comply with legislated discharge limits.  Due to the specialist nature of water and sewage treatment operations and maintenance, often the clients’ personnel lack the experience or adequate training required to operate their water treatment plants efficiently. KAMPAssist offers a range of flexible (MRO-SLA) options according to client requirements and budget. The following standard options are available:  

  • Full-time and part-time on-site plant operators

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly site visits

  • Remote plant monitoring

  • Full-time and part-time remote support

  • Operator training

Construction Site Managers


KAMPWATER provides engineering & design services across all our sectors. We offer engineering as a stand-alone service and also as part of our EPC/Turnkey packages. No project is too small or large, we ensure we deliver quality to our clients.


KAMPWATER offers professional project management services that are flexible enough to accommodate small one-off projects through to mega EPC projects.  We provide these project management services to many clients worldwide. Delivering value by providing the highest project management standards, utilizing our experienced project managers to deliver projects to time, cost and quality.  We show our clients how to optimize the technical scope, capital cost, schedule, and execution plans for project developments. These guidelines include appropriate front-end loading to maximize the value in the investment decision before project approval to ensure that the decision-making process is robust.

Our services cover all stages of a project from concept to completion – encompassing planning, scheduling and cost control through the various design phases, construction and operations.



KAMPWATER provides various digital offerings, such as Operational Technology Control & Command, Operational Technology Remote Monitoring Services.  We are experts at delivering bespoke monitoring software solutions tailored for your environment, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, system integration solutions and IT/OT consultancy services for our industries.


Our team is experienced in digital services. This allows us to confidently scope, execute and manage complex technology solutions – throughout the development life cycle. Whether that is off-the-shelf solutions for smaller clients or bespoke developments for multinational corporations.  We actively listen to understand our client’s needs, analyze the problem and propose solutions in an agile manner. Aiming to improve our clients’ business process efficiencies through business process re-engineering – combined with suitably selected or developed technologies.



UV is used for disinfection and removal of organic and inorganic contaminants, including chlorine, ozone and total organic carbon (TOC). UV technology is often used where conventional chlorine disinfection cannot be applied and can be used in the advanced oxidation process (AOP). Key benefits of UV technology include: improve the taste, color, pH or odor of water, requires no storage, handling or transportation of toxic or corrosive chemicals, effective at inactivating a wide range of microorganisms including chlorine tolerant pathogens, and water reuse capabilities to meet sustainability objectives.


Hanovia, the pioneer manufacturer of Ultra Violet (UV) curing lamp products and equipment, has been producing UV Lamps, UV curing Lamps, irradiators, UV sterilization and photochemical equipment and power supplies since 1905.


Hanovia UV lamp products are used for UV drying, UV Printing and UV curing as well as in photoluminescent and other UV related applications. Hanovia maintains business relationships on a Global basis, providing standard and custom built UV Lamps and components for applications in Printing, Surface Finishing (Metal & Wood), Adhesives, Automotive, and Packaging.


Kampwater has been the agent in Africa for almost a decade and has teamed up with Hanovia to provide solutions for a multitude of industries. We are certified to design, engineering, install / commission Hanovia systems.

Kingspan Units.jpeg


KAMPWATER has joined forces in South Africa and Africa with  Kingspan delivers 65 years’ experience, and offers a  range of reliable wastewater management solutions. Our tried and tested Klargester product range includes sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, fuel and oil separators, pumping stations, grease traps and rainwater harvesting solutions.  Kampwater is a great fit with Kingspan as we offer the design, engineering and construction of wastewater treatment plants. We follow strict process engineering guidelines and combine this with a great product.  We believe in joint partnerships to grow our business offering instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Air Compressor


KAMPWATER focuses on the manufacture of Water Treatment Plants, which are either incorporated within a modified shipping container or specialized manufactured enclosures. Our manufacturing capability along with globally competitive OEM Supply and Distribution agreements allow for a most cost-effective end cost offering with reduced lead times based on our modular packaged approach which are pre-assembled, skid mounted and FAT tested providing significant cost reduction and on-site installation requirements. 


Our services also included the manufacture of treatment plants according to specific client requirements and supplied designs. We work with internationally recognised water treatment companies as their preferred manufacturer and installation partner for water treatment related plants and equipment. We have various exclusive manufacturing license agreements with our clients as their preferred Water Treatment Plant and Equipment Supplier.

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