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Desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from water.

The choice of treatment technology is a function of both the nature of the pollutants in the effluent and the quality, including the type of end-use, of the treated water. A distinction is made between direct or indirect and potable or industrial reuse applications. The best practice in water reuse projects applies the multiple barrier approach to achieve the desired removal and control of pollutants.

Potable Water

Borehole Water

Process Water

Greywater or Blackwater for Reuse


Please refer to our BROCHURE for more detail.

Kampwater Desal Plant



Capability: Design, Engineering, Construct & Consult

Seawater desalination is a well-established option for supplying drinking and industrial process water when there is limited availability of good quality surface or groundwater.



Capability: Design, Engineering, Construct & Consult

Brackish water desalination technologies can be divided into two main groups: ion exchange and reverse osmosis. Ion exchange is the most widely applied and more economical for desalination of waters with a low salt content. This market is currently dominated by reverse osmosis technology due to its favorable economics in the brackish water range.



Capability: Design, Engineering, Construct & Consult

The treatment of mine water to recover potable water is a well known and proven technology. The bigger challenge is what to do with the resultant salts that are now concentrated into a smaller brine stream in a cost effective manner. The protection of the environment, space limitations related to the building of new brine ponds and long term legacy risks led the Kampwater R&D teams to focus on sustainable brine treatment solutions.



Capability: Design, Engineering, Construct & Consult

Kampwater serves a number of industrial sectors, including: mining, power, petrochemical, steel, mineral, food & beverage and more. In each of these sectors water plays a critical role in the various processes being employed.


However, this process water is often contaminated and needs to be treated prior to discharge, or reuse for alternative applications. Kampwater has assisted a number of clients in treating their process water to various qualities for reuse elsewhere on the plant. Process water and/or contaminated effluent can also be treated to qualities suitable for human consumption where water can be distributed to communities.

Kampwater Effluent Treatment Works


Capability: Design, Engineering, Construct & Consult

The word ‘effluent’ refers to liquid waste from an industrial or sewer source. This effluent, also referred to as industrial or domestic wastewater and ‘trade effluent’, can be treated chemically, biologically, or a combination of both processes to remove or reduce contaminants for reuse.


Nature has the natural capability to recycle water, but with any natural system, treatment limitations exist. The current overpopulation and industrial and domestic wastewater volumes have a significant treatment demand on natural environments. Therefore, it requires human intervention and assistance.


General effluent treatment consists of solids removal followed by contaminant removal, and lastly, bacteria removal. It first passes through a filtration screen to remove large solids (debris, rags, and sand). Thereafter, the contamination removal process consists of chemical or biological treatment and settling tank. Finally, disinfection is used to remove bacterial contamination.


At Kampwater, we use the latest biological treatment techniques, occasionally pairing them with our membrane technologies to achieve the best results. Our treatment techniques focus on the client’s needs and constraints, and our objective is to present a reliable solution with a lighter footprint to current conventional treatment systems. Kampwater is interested in working with the client to deliver a solution that applies to their needs while educating them throughout the process.


Kampwater is able to provide solutions for:

Mine Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment & Gray Water

Kampwater Spares


Kampwater, carries a large selection of all parts & components for your reverse osmosis and water treatment needs. Our prices are very competitive in addition to our fast shipping & delivery.


Reverse osmosis system parts are water treatment technology that incorporate the utilization of semipermeable membranes to eradicate organic substances from consumable water. Reverse osmosis is not only applicable to water treatment systems but to other applications as well, which include food & beverages, power & energy, seawater desalination, UV water sterilizer, etc.


Kampwater provides various components and attachments for your water purification systems, from reverse osmosis filtration to UV disinfection, pressure gauges with diaphragm seals, RO low and high pressure switches, water level switches, differential pressure switches, RO controller, and membrane cleaning skids. Regardless of the type of water treatment and reverse osmosis RO parts you’re looking for, Kampwater possesses the specific variety tailored for your needs. To learn more about our assortments of RO accessories, contact our sales team today!

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