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In a world where water quality and sustainability are paramount concerns, the demand for innovative water treatment solutions continues to rise. Kampwater is committed to providing bespoke, custom-designed, and locally manufactured water treatment systems.

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Kampwater containerized water treatment plants are easy to transport and commission on-site.
A combination of the latest technology, tried and tested equipment and innovative engineering, results in our automated, containerized water treatment plants.
The automation of our plants ensures easy and effortless user interaction.
Kampwater utilizes proven and reliable technologies such as:

Turnkey Solutions

  • Kampwater provides a comprehensive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management) for our clients, giving value for money and a working solution for your problems. 
  • ​Kampwater will take responsibility for all engineering services, procurement and production of your plant, as well as project management and commissioning.
  • ​Additionally, we take care of legislative requirements i.e., WULA and WSI applications.
Chill Beverages Reverse Osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis | Brackish Water | Desalintaion

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a highly effective water treatment technology that has revolutionized the provision of freshwater, particularly in regions with limited access to clean water sources.

In the context of brackish and seawater desalination, RO stands out as a game-changing solution. By using a semipermeable membrane to separate pure freshwater from high-salinity brackish or seawater, RO technology removes impurities, dissolved salts, and contaminants, delivering safe and potable water. With its efficiency and versatility, RO has become a cornerstone in addressing water scarcity and ensuring a sustainable freshwater supply.

Kampwater custom designs, manufactures, installs and maintain Reverse Osmosis plants whether it be for seawater, brackish water or process water.

Water Filtration

The successful design and utilization of water filtration systems, including methods like carbon and activated filter media, coagulation, and flocculation, are the cornerstones of clean and safe water provision. These systems work in harmony to remove impurities, particles, contaminants, and unwanted tastes and odors from water sources. By employing effective filtration processes, we transform raw water into a reliable and potable resource.

Kampwater is committed to a filtration system that prioritizes durability, user-friendliness, low operational expenses, and sustainability.

ground water treatment solutions company

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Kampwater has joined forces in South Africa and Africa with www.kingspan.com.

Kingspan delivers 65 years’ experience, and offers a range of reliable wastewater treatment solutions. Our tried and tested Klargester product range includes sewage treatment package plants.

Urbanisation, growing populations, ageing infrastructure, stricter environmental regulation and a fast-diminishing reserves of fresh water are all making it more difficult for local authorities to provide adequate quantities of clean and safe potable water to their citizens.


Disinfection methods in water treatment are vital for safeguarding public health by eliminating harmful microorganisms and pathogens in our water supply.

Several techniques are employed to achieve this, with chlorine and chloramine disinfection being common choices. Ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light are also used effectively. These methods work by disrupting the genetic material of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing. Kampwater make use of the disinfection method that best suits the application.

Water and Waste Water Treatment solutions

Industrial UV (ultraviolet) systems

UV Technology is used in a broad range of markets, mainly for disinfection. Other UV applications include de-chlorination, de-ozonation, and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process).

UV systems are installed at bottling plants, municipal bulk water plants, municipal sewer treatment works, breweries, wineries, and many other industries.

Kampwater and WinelandsUVT have joined forces, combining their offerings, services, and client base.

pH Correction

pH correction methods in water treatment are essential for maintaining the right level of acidity or alkalinity in water. Water’s pH value affects its taste, safety, and its potential to corrode or scale pipes and equipment.

Kampwater employs various techniques adjust and control pH levels, including the addition of chemicals or natural minerals.

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